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Parent consultation for children and teens therapy process

As parents, you are the expert when it comes
to your children, and therapy is much more
effective with your involvment.
This is why ongoing parent consultations are an extremely important part of the therapy process.  Parent consultations are your opportunity to share your observations, voice areas of concern and ask specific questions.  It is also an opportunity for me to better understand how your child is coping emotionally, socially and academically.  Together, as a team, we will determine how to best help your child work through challenges.  While parent consultations do not replace psychotherapy, they are an important part of helping your child succeed.  We let your child know that therapy is a team approach and that their parent(s) and therapist are committed to helping them grow and make successful changes.
How therapy works
While I always utilize and value parental input, I also believe in the importance of your child's thoughts and opinions about what has brought them to therapy.  Together we work to create practical goals upon which everyone can agree.  We not only identify your child's challenges, but also look at the many areas that make them unique and special.  After assessing your child's needs, the appropriate therapeutic approach and interventions will be implemented.

I look forward to providing your child with the necessary tools to support your child in their growth and help them thrive.