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As a licensed psychotherapist (LCSW) in
private practice, I work exclusively with
children and teens.
Always practicing from a client centered approach, I have extensive training in play therapy, behavior modification, attachment-related issues and am certified in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In addition, I often incorporate mindfulness-based practices during sessions with children as research shows that these skills can greatly decrease depression, stress, anxiety and impulse control in children of all ages.

I have treated children and teens ages 3-19 years old in a variety of settings, including private practice, public schools, therapeutic day schools, hospitals and community agencies in the United States, Mexico and India. One of my most fulfilling endeavors has been developing Trauma, Grief and Loss Counseling services utilized by Wellness centers in the San Francisco Public High Schools, an initiative covered in the New York Times. In this capacity, I provide crisis management and facilitate ongoing trauma, grief and loss groups for students.

I often lead workshops on child/adolescent development and behavioral modification and have presented at the California Marriage and Family Therapy Conference (CAMFT) in San Francisco on childhood trauma. I was also a contributor in a recent New York Times best-selling book, "Ask Elizabeth," where I wrote a chapter for teenage girls about how to cope with depression and outlined options for help.

In order to fully meet the unique needs of each teen and family, my work is often done in parallel with interdisciplinary teams, including teachers, lawyers, physicians and case workers. I am a practical, results-oriented and compassionate therapist who believes children and teens deserve every chance to experience optimal emotional and behavioral health so that they can reach their full potential.